Hernan Illescas

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Hernan Illescas Coronel is a highly educated artist in various areas of expertise. He has attended Cuenca's School of Fine Arts and has trained in Design, Embossing in copper, Wood carving, Gold leaf, Ceramics and pottery-making. His very versatile background inspires him to create paintings with beautiful textures that come to life. Hernan's major areas of expertise are painting, drawing, sculpture, art installations, object art, and cultural projects.

Hernan Illescas has created various murals in the city of Cuenca and the province, one of which can be seen at the monument to the battle of Tarqui. He has had over 220 exhibitions inside and outside Ecuador. His works form a part of collections in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, United States, Germany, France, and others.

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